Understanding stillness has revolutionized my game. The Jim Venetos swing is the Tony Manzoni swing on steroids with a shot of spiced rum with a twist of lime. The weight on the front foot encourages solid contact and hitting down on the ball. Doesnt show you the potential problems, like you mentioned above. But, more essentially, it points out that an effort to do one thing can cause another thing that in turn causes a problem. Under this method I never push slice ever and produce lovely metre draw shots or fades if I choose. Improve your game today!

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Ontario North Shore Golf Courses.

Jim Venetos

Without hip turn, he also gets very vnetos shoulder turn. Wow, lots of brains here! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I do not use his methods for chipping or for putting. So compared to the traditional swing, it is body-friendly. Traditional golf instruction would identify the turning and acceleration of the hips and shoulders as important components to an effective golf swing.

Vemetos, posture and poise.

But the most astounding thing I noticed, and so did the guy in the next stall Yeah, wearing hats indoors bothers me much more than not taking it off to shake. But I had a problem getting distance on my shots.

“Playing From a Position” à la Jim Venetos – Golf Talk – The Sand Trap .com

In looking at some videos of the Venetos swing, I noticed a similariy to the position of his hands and right elbow at the top of his backswing. The golf swing is veenetos complicated for most of us.


The idea of ignoring at least a sense of that time is anathema to me. Veneros golf, you take the player as you find him.

I get approximately yards carry with my 7. If the method seems to click for you, you’ll see Jim has an online instructional program where he can coach you on your development. Does this result from my own fundamental lack of flexibility, the same one identified by my Titleist TPI evaluation from years back? Still, as I am prone to say, simple is seldom easy.

But, to me, to the golfer writing down his score, the difference was in the meter and pace of my swing. Now, im happy to give him tips on how to do it on the cheap balls, shoes, clubs etc. And, I often have been alone yet never lonely.

He prized players with poise. Improve your game today!

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Out of desperation to get rid of my over the top swing I came across jims YouTube video. So as through a glass, and darkly The age long strife I see Where I fought in many guises, Many names, but always me.

A bad plan, though, if you want to learn to play your best golf. The weight shift, the timingthe tempo, the positions etc. I have been a member of rotary swing. This will most likely install a ceiling on your improvement, and then you’re going to struggle when you start to add in the more traditional components to the golf swing.


I was always surprised at his use of these terms since I never had mentioned them.

Jim Venetos Golf Academy

Still, long after the book was finished I tried it especially with driver and got some very encouraging results. Anyway, he sends me a very excited text” Russ, i have just seen this bloke on the net with a fool proof swing, check him out he’s call Jim Venetos” I humoured him and took a look. His method eliminates having to shift your weight from your back foot to your front and eliminates all that movement and coordination that occurs from setup to backswing to forward swing.

The video was 1: Pace addresses my need to balance the speed of my back swing relative to the speed of my forward swing.