I immediately saw fps. Some sections are settings for known games. Check again with glxgears. Attached are the xorg. Open this file in any available editor I use nano and edit the necessary sections. By the way, it makes a more complete configuration file. Launchpad couldn’t import bug from freedesktop.

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This bug affects 1 person.

Can someone help me out and explain or point me in the right ckrporation on how to check video drivers and see if my video card running okay? The same operations can be performed by performing the adjustment in graphical mode.

Org and DRI drivers. Intel R HD Graphics [ Gero gero-putzar wrote on Gero, i graphics card and screen messed up rather than just frozen suggests bugnot this bug.

Please see my answer in this post: To view information about this kernel module, you can run the modinfo command i Is there a way to apply that fix Mike proposed, or is it supposed to be included already?


I’ve pushed a fix for this now.

Graphics Drivers for Linux*

To install and run the system, you need a minimal configuration that will work on most hardware. I suggest the following:. Stefan Bader smb on Check which driver is used in the system by running lspci -k.

Registered User 5, 11 41 This patch solves my problem. Attached are the xorg.

How to Install The Latest Intel Linux Graphics Driver on Ubuntu Raring Ringtail

To trigger this bug, run a dual-head cloned mode configuration which uses the i drm, then execute an opengl application which synchronizes buffer swaps against the vertical sync interrupt. You also need to configure your xorg. Add tags Tag help. 82q963//q965 newest kernel that is in the ubuntu untel Thu Mar 13 All these explanations you can read in help to the program.

I am pretty sure I’m seeing the same problem while running an opengl app with this driver hard random lockup, frozen screen, magic sysrq key is useless.

The Intel graphics driver is part of the xserver-xorg-video-intel driver package, which is installed on all Ubuntu systems by default. Freeze 82963/q965 in Inetl Earth also. However this buffer swap happens from softirq context which is really a form of interrupt context that WILL pre-empt execution even when normal thread pre-emption is otherwise disabled. I tried switching to i, but then X refused to run.


Note also that X starts a new log file on every reboot, so for crash bugs the log file you need is Xorg.

Graphics Drivers for Linux*

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How can I debug the code you mentioned? Crash while running 3D graphics applications eg. John 1 2 3.

Next I compiled the contents of the mesademos-package. You can tell why download modules that are already loaded?