Larger sizes can be easily accommodated to meet most specifications. The quick release hex connection is also available on Holte Reverse Circulation Down Hole Hammers, to easily disassemble hammers in the field. The check valve system offers optional grout through capability when grouting holes for pilings is required. Therefore, the Casing Driver Style System drills more effectively in water. As the hammer rotates, the pilot section tries to center itself.

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The heavy construction accommodates a larger piston and durable parts.


hotle For casing thinner than 0. Fishing Jar Accessory Tools. Blade Holder Cross Slide 9. The pipe ends are machined with large radiuses, making it easier to plug together. On Series tools, tighten the handle.

Helm and steering column installation referance. Locking Nut for stroke adjustment Pivot pins of the underreamer arms are journaled in and move with the driver during partial rotation of the driver during arm deployment and retraction.


Air Perforators

When the hole is first started, and until gravity is not enough to make the casing follow the underreamer, the casing driver sits inactive on top of the casing and acts as a water diverter. These features have More information. Lifting capacity of the top head bearings are good to 1.

Front axle components, overview General Information Load bearing components and parts of the suspension must not be welded or straightened. In this holge shown above, the shoe caing a surface that the underreamer UR tool can hammer on to drive the casing down.

Accessories available for Casing Drivers are: Perforator without Roller Backing Plate. Larger sizes are also available for custom applications. The piston ends open and close the barrel exhaust ports.

Its purpose is to underream for casing installation. This is due to it s abusive application. This system of hammering the casing down from the bottom has some limiting factors.

Improper selection and installation account for More information. Through this constant connection with our customers, the latest machinery and design technology and our willingness to listen, we are able to innovate and build revolutionary systems that continually set the benchmark throughout the industry.


Larger sizes can be easily accommodated to meet most specifications. Available in the holhe sizes: System trolleys must More information. A drilling apparatus comprises a casing shoe, ring bit, and holtee bit.

For larger casing, contact Holte for custom casing cutters.

Bit Size Hole Dia. Using more pressure does not cause a problem.

Valve Insert, Ball Type The perforating wheels are easily changed out for replacement or switching between cazing and PVC casing. Adapters shoes are needed for larger casings see below. For 10″ to 12″ pipe, 6 to 8 columns of perforations are recommended. Pressure adjustments range from More information.