Receiving PLU non zero sale report from Euro System flags for Euro File consists of several line blocks. Programming DPTs for Euro Receiving grand totals values. Revision History Revision 1.

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Use this parameter to launch auto-detection of connected ECR. Data description for sale and refund. Setting the configuration string of the 2000tt library, where ssssss is the configuration string. Data description for Euro and Euro If the count of numbers is odd, then on the first byte must be the top half of byte be set to zero. Program Comm2A will be running until the interruption of user.

Note It is possible to change separator between first and second quantity. Obtaining information about last sold item in Suro mode for Euro 3. Most of these types are only numerical values. Extended flags for EuroTE. Read receipts PC journal 3.


Comm2A (generic version)

Number of decimal place for price coding to bar code range: Description of Wait times see in appendix. Obtaining information about last wlpha item in PC-Online mode. Programming DPTs for Euro Glossary of used terms B. Used only for PLU. It is eueo possible to make hourly report periodical. Flag make a difference only in Euro phase 1, 2, 3. Warning New text logo will not be accepted when there are illegal characters.

Each line contains data about one PLU.

Identification data and parameters of ECR. There is not possible to code sign in bar-code.

Euro-2000 Alpha Cash Register

PLU commands for EuroT 3. System flags for Euro Reading DPTs report 3. Minimal time equals to the time of printing of bill times depends from initial bill and logo printing. Sum of all discounts applied to the item. Cash registers of Euro series are easy to maintain and are suitable for kiosks Similar items.


DPT assignment 1 — 30 9 th digit: PLU number for coding total price to bar code range: Clearing journals in ECR memory 3. Minimal time equals to the reaction speed of ECR 25ms Recommend time is ms.

Users manual | ELCOM Cash Registers

This operation is possible only befiore fiscalization. In this mode must be entered all necessary parameters otherwise the program displays error “Configuration file not found”. Presentation of used types 3.