It sounds like a non digital. EMT released a primitive digital reverb in , the rack mount , but its capabilities were limited, and very few survive. The original EMT plate reverb is a steel monster that needs an isolated vault of its own. With only rudimentary damping and EQ, it is more or less a “set and forget” creature. Plates are still widely used in many studios—the only drawback is the enormous size and weight of the devices. And you can do that in mono, as well.

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EMT Plate Reverb

Boykin April 1, I wonder when people pick a plate over a room emulation. Yaker July 4, JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

I was watching EMT for a while and, after test it few hours with some of my real mixes, I noticed the it sounds much I’m a very great fan of reverbs and have some ones I like to use.

The production of the EMT plate marked a significant change in recording history, simplifying the process of affecting recorded sound while providing the engineer with a more versatile and customizable interface. Start with a good source, maybe add reverg little delay going in, emmt bliss comes out.

You can easily adjust the sounds to your taste with the limited amount of knobs. The s are generally the favorite plate of the revern community, but many fans of the plates were not crazy about the original electronics, and a lot of the units were later retrofitted with updated electronic components.


EMT 140 Plate Reverb

And it is insanely addictive. Rival Music pays respect to UAD. Lamb August 3, Way better than dreamverb in my opinion. Fmt i mixed a demo using only the Plate as reverbi brought the tape to a professional audio-engineer he had several hits in the german charts.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This one sounds different, I have no personal experience with the real thing so I can’t say if that difference is authentic, but it will likely be usable.

Wagner February 15, If UA would stop trying to gouge their customers and act a bit less like Avid, they would probably sell enough more product to compensate and actually make more money in the end.

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EMT Plate Reverb :: Beechpark Studio

I’ll have to be the lone dissenter here. I also wonder when people pick a plate over a room emulation. An engineer named Bill Fine brought back the popularity of natural reverb as plafe effect by putting a single mic in a large hall to capture the ambience of a recording.


Handbook of Recording Engineering: You can, in short, be someone like me or, maybe you.

I was disappointed by this plugin, after putting it through its paces. Controls of the EMT hardware. These were designed around because the for too large for some studios to store and they could be used in mobile recording trucks. platf

I have been really impressed with most of the UA plugins but emtt thing is off the scale. Dreamverb is probably my favorite UAD reverb. I’ve searched everywhere for a good sounding all around universal plugin and I must say this plugin is now in my heavy rotation of go to plugins. I mean it is dense, warm, with nice resolution. That turns the EMT model in the UA into both a good model of the sound of the original, and an effect instrument you can use like a modern tool — an otherwise-impossible hybrid.

Froudist December 14, Chamber reverb is to this day a technological and architectural art all to itself.