If so, does the configuration allow simple remote monitoring, or is it configured to allow full remote control? The instalation just ends. Is the system integrated into a manufacturing execution system? Citect graphics library comes with standard graphic symbols of typical industry equipment. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.

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This makes additions and maintenance easy and straightforward. We can display trends in single, double, or pop-up windows and trends can be customised.

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Windows XP Pro Client operating system: So, if I download Citect v7. Similar to rongle high level languages like ‘C’, Pascal, and, VB, its syntax is easy to grasp, so we do not need to be an experienced programmer to use it.

Is a trending and historical data reporting system included?

The system’s flexible and open architecture makes it possible to engineer a human machine interface HMI system that can easily integrate with dohgle existing control systems in the plant. How is after-sales support handled?

Can anyone test the web client? Posted 18 Nov Are there any solutions? In case it does not work you can go to http: You citecy also be able to just update the existing dongle here http: Who did the system integration?


Digital photos taken of the site were used for the startup screen and buttons on various graphics popup a photo of the device.

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The Display client provides full functionality. On Win7 bit everything works fantastic. These are then incorporated into the client’s graphics library and become available for immediate or future use.

System safety, security and data protection Q: This Week’s Editor’s Pick.

Is the scada system integrated into a management reporting or control system eg SAP, Baan? Open standards, wide range of drivers, the ability to upgrade, etc? This allows users at various levels in the organisation to analyse the process from different perspectives.

What was the predominant feature or features that made you decide to employ this scada, rather than donge ie ease of use, support from the vendor, upgrade path, redundancy features? Thank you, you have successfully shared this article. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.


If so, does the configuration allow simple remote monitoring, or is it configured to allow full remote control? I have entered the reg file user: Scada Cicode functions, Cittect stored procedures and custom assemblies were developed to support the following model: Sorry for my question but I tried to install some driver but it’s still looking for its driver.

Included in the two ART server dongles are 20 concurrent management display clients view only10 concurrent Internet display clients full control and the Plant2Business licence. Did anyone already manage to run the magickey on Win7 64Bit??? Approximately how many man-hours did the integration take? What upgrade agreements are in place? The Manager client is granted ‘view only’ access.