All Items on Sale We discounted thousands of products from hundreds of categories. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: The overclocking results are not the obligatory characteristics of a video card. Vertical refresh rate Hz. You don’t need a super-card to do DVD playback, by the way.

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And all our expectations came true. So you’d, frankly, have to be a tad nuts ssus consider an Ultra, unless you’re definitely running by for all of your games. With 20Gb and larger hard drives now quite embarrassingly inexpensive, you can easily enough get a drive that’ll hold half an hour or more of low-compression video. In page flip ayp, the monitor runs in its normal progressive scan mode and displays one whole full-resolution scene at a time.

There’s also a pair of video cables – one composite, one S-Video – included. At first take a look at the configuration of our test systems:.

The card is of vivid yellow color. BioShock Infinite and Metro: But you lose image quality.

ASUS Agp-v7700/32m NVIDIA Geforce2 GTS 64mb VGA RCA Video Card V7700/t/64m/pal

Using it In use, the most notable feature of the V Deluxe is that it’s a really really really fast 3D card. Ask the online community a question right here, safely and anonymously! Some samples can work at a frequency higher by MHz, but there are quite few of them.


Which is a lot for a graphics card, but not actually all that steep for a GeForce2. All the cards have a wide set of accessories, especially the Deluxe revisions.


As you remember we have already mentioned the ASUSTeK company many times, for it is a well-known brandname on the market. However, it hardly matters for reality. Tablets How to Choose a Tablet. Like other ASUS “Deluxe” cards, the V comes with v770 big, chunky LCD shutter-glasses, which let you play your games in 3D by very rapidly blacking out each side in turn, in synchrony with rapidly switching images on the monitor.

And if we take competitors from the same camp, i.

When the Ultras are out, a plain GTS board will cost less ahp half as much – heck, it’ll probably cost less than half as much even if GTS prices don’t drop at all. The V Deluxe will work fine with reference drivers, but some or all of its fancy extras will be lying fallow. Video 3Digests Video cards: Legal basis for processing: If you’re annoyed by the V Deluxe, it’ll probably be by the 3D glasses, which are, as mentioned above, uncomfortable and not as effective as you might think.


That is why today we will study a wide set of new video cards – “Titans” though it is not complete. V7070 don’t expect miracles.

ASUS Agp-v/32m NVIDIA Geforce2 GTS 64mb VGA RCA Video Card V/t/64m/pal | eBay

Ask a vv7700 now. An S-Video lead will plug right in as normal, and a short adaptor cable’s included with a plug on one end to match the extra pin-holes and connect them up to a standard RCA composite socket on the other end of the cable. Hardware color space conversion and filtering YUV 4: Send forgotten password to email. One available AGP compliant slot.

ASUS AGP-V7700 64MB Deluxe NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS AGP

Multi-Buffering Double, triple, and quad buffering for smooth animation and vibrant playback. New Range Check out the latest TVs.

Since the memory does not provide a good potential for performance increase of the powerful GeForce2 GTS, we suppose it is better to use just a faster memory than to extend the local memory size.

Giants The tests were conducted in and bit colors in the highest quality modes. Virtual Reality Glasses axus, GamesCameras.