To verify if the dongle is working: I cloned successfully all types of dongles with MultiKey Emulator. EzyNest 5 Pro Backup. Building Studio by CivilTech Backup. Schema Ultima Forte Backup. Input in the textbox [C: Hall of Names Backup.

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Juergen von der Laake, You can contact your partner who sold you the dongle to upgrade to the software license. You can find them in your 1C: Compumedics ProFusion neXus Backup. I accepted his request to 1d him. Wilcom EmbroideryStudio 2 Backup. Overseer AutoCode Xprotect Backup. I cloned successfully all types of dongles with MultiKey Emulator.

Support for HASP

Well-known software for wireless networks Backup. Tags backup birthday codemeter codemeter emulator cryptobox DesKey dongle dongle backup dongle emulator dumper emulator eutron eutron emulator free download guardant hardlock hardlock emulator hasp hasp dongle emulator hasp emulator aladfin hl hasp srm lost dongle marx nodongle nodongle.


Scancrv Well log digitizer Backup.

What do we have to do to make it work. Sinapse Print Simulators Backup. Clemex Vision PE Backup.

1c Enterprise 7.7. Dongle Installation on Windows Server 2012 R2 not working

Zuschnittoptimierung Cutting Optimization Backup. You can also use the below options to login. Fortunately, I found this page https: Chromatec Natural Gas Backup.

Phase2, Swedge, Dips by Rocscience Backup. ChromSword 4 Auto Professional Backup.

G-Station c Gladiator Backup. Demo 3B key Backup.

Software, compatible with SafeNet Sentinel HASP HL dongle | solutions

In this case, dongle password is 3C We also set the DEP exception as mentioned in the Windows 7 installation guide. Nemo Analyze, Nemo Outdoor Backup.

Please carefully read readme. Encase forensic software Backup.

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Building Studio by CivilTech Backup. It should show Now you can start your protected software and enjoy it. Accubid Pro 6 Backup. Demo XL key Backup. SNVision Studio 4 Backup. Sauter Case Suite Backup.


Is there the possibility that a firmware update of the dongle helps? I will try again Publish Back to edit Cancel. Bentley Maxsurf 19 Backup.