Additional header files and an example makefile for developing Oracle applications with Instant Client. Determines the character set used by the Oracle Client libraries. This descriptor must be defined in the tnsnames. The PHP community still recommends Apache 1. The OCI dll are shipped with the installation. In the password file, use the ‘SetEnvIf’ directive to enable the Environment variables by directory only or within a specific file.

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Connecting to Oracle10g from PHP using OCI-8 for Linux

If your oracle database ofi on a remote system within your local network and you don’t want to worry about the tnsnames file you can try this. This installations will provide you the oci. Instant Client Package – Basic. One of the strongest and most significant features in PHP is its support for a wide range of databases. If you are using PHP 4.

The installer should have configured Oracle Net and created a service name. First put an ‘Include’ to the secret file in httpd. The default port is You must 10v OCI. Found the solution myself.


I have another resolution. I have heard that LDAP look up does not work with older instantclients. If you upgrades the OCI8, be sure to ici the latest oracle instantclient version, otherwise you can receive an “ORA Using ldap for Oracle name resolution: Edit the apache configuation file httpd. I was able to workaround the issue by passing a tns connect string: Tools linked with Instant Client are always “remote” from any database server and an Oracle Net connection identifier must be used along with a username and password.

Error Details Error Codes: Download the sourcesunpack and install them as follows: Disabling the Cache resulted in the error: The problem 10t with windows 7 permission issue.

Confirm using the phpinfo. I use ldap for general consumption and tnsnames.

Oracle Database 10g Release 1 An incorrectly installed or configured OCI8 extension will often manifest itself as a connection problem or error.

I have kci with: Oracle connection information is passed to OCILogon to create a connection. The PHP community still recommends Apache 1. Right-click the Toad for Oracle shortcut and select “Run as Administrator” to avoid the error.


Here is a simple PHP script: To restrict exposure to a particular directory or specific file: Table of Contents 1 – About. Kindly follow up the below steps to solve the Can’t initialize OCI.

OBIEE 12c – Error Creating OCI 10g/11g Connection in RPD

So far I am able to perform tnsping to the ooci server. Now, after changing it to OCI, report ran fine. See Connection Handling for general information on connection management and connection pooling.