I’m lucky in that I have an external Logitech webcam atop my external 4K display, so it’s a non-issue for desk use. It’s a great laptop, with many great attributes. Which means I’m looking to sell my XPS 13 i7 , 16gb, gb It’s a little annoying—I don’t have super-oily fingers, and have never had issues with other laptops either hard plastic like the T or the cold aluminum of a MacBook Pro —but I find myself wiping down the palmrests on the XPS 13 every hour or two, just because the finger prints make it look like I just ate a Whopper or Big Mac and wiped my greasy fingers on the surface! Roger — 6 months ago.

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Which means I’m looking to sell my XPS 13 i716gb, gb Jeff Geerling — 1 month ago.

I was hoping it would be more like the MacBooks, which usually won’t need to ramp the fans up to an audible level unless you’re doing heavier work, like encoding a video or loading a news site web page without an ad blocker MisterJiggyFlyMay 27, The ultimate question, I think, is: By far, the worst trait of this laptop is the abysmal webcam placement.

We can only imagine the numbers we might see on an FHD model, considering the previous lasted longer than 10 hours in one test. I’m lucky in that I have an external Logitech webcam atop my external 4K display, so it’s a non-issue for desk use. There is a little button and 5 LEDs on the left side of the computer where you can quickly check battery charge status, though the LEDs seemed quite dim to me you have to look head-on to see how many are lit.


Dell XPS 13 (9360) Review from a lifelong Mac user

The only downside is that damned chicklet keyboard with the same minimal key travel as MacBooks and everything else. BillMan — 6 months ago. ThinkPad Ts trackpad abaganov2Aug 26,in forum: You’ll be able to charge, display output, or use USB accessories on any port.

It has Thunderbolt 3 as well. Makes it a huge pain to use.

Dell XPS 13 () Review from a lifelong Mac user | Jeff Geerling

After several months of frustration I asked Dell to ship me a replacement part, which completely fixed the problems I was having.

Jaruzel — 6 months ago. But no longer; now I have one cable sitting del my desk, and I plug it in to get all the connectivity I need.

Note also that the XPS 13 is as wide as the MacBook Pro 13″, but is very slightly thinner in the front and slightly thicker in the backand a little shorter front-to-back:. Apparently my fingers are optimized for the Shift key’s edge to be a millimeter or so closer to the Z.

Dell XPS 13 9350 Touchpad With Cable 0x54kr X54KR

After lugging the T with me to an open source conference a couple weeks ago, I decided I’d finally go ahead and acquire a modern, Ultrabook-style Windows laptop, and looking around at options for an open source developer more comfortable in Linux than Windows 10, I narrowed it down to:.


So the first time I plugged in the Dell, I thought the Thunderbolt 3 port might’ve been broken.

Definitely a step down in color range and sharpness from the display in both my Retina MacBook Pros, but it’s very good nonetheless. A very unwelcome, unflattering surprise. The InfinityEdge display means the bezel is tiny, meaning the footprint is tiny. Anyone who has this poster Overall, I’m very happy with mine. MisterJiggyFlyMay 25, I’ve been very happy with it – Linux complements my natural workflow better than macOS does, and from that standpoint I’m very happy. Luckily it’s just Windows’ usability that’s broken, but I knew that already.

It’s a minor annoyance at this juncture and I figure they’ll get it fixed soon. Intel Core iU – 2. Jesse — 6 months ago. Precision trackpad on Aero 15W V8 chuck95Jul 22,in forum: I’d much rather have a hair thicker InfinityEdge with a reasonably-placed webcam.

One gripe with this experience, though, which has nothing to do with the hardware: